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     Thank you for visiting We are your premier supplier of Confederate, Rebel and Redneck products. Everything we sell is somehow related to Dixie. We have the most searched for Rebel Flags, as well as American Flags. We have Rebel Caps, Rebel Belt Buckles, Confederate Jewelry, Confederate Clocks and Watches, Redneck Truck Window Decals, Customized Truck Window Decals, Redneck Flags, Redneck Caps and much, much more.
     DixieZone wants all Southerners to be proud of their great Southern Heritage. Everyone should be proud of their heritage, whatever it may be. There is no harm or shame in doing so. Sporting our products is an excellent way of demonstrating your Southern Pride.
     Our Rebel Flags, as well as all our Confederate Products, are not intended to show hate or disrespect for any race, religion or nationality. We have the utmost respect for all mankind and sincerely hope everyone else has as much pride in their heritage as we do ours.
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